Dana Kinsey: Love Letter to Potential Poems

You send me higher power missives I can’t resist    

a four-year old boy in tight white pajamas w/spaceships			
ran full speed at me    bellowing    father begging him to stop
he aimed     his Super Soaker     silver blouse stuck to my skin 

The forever stamps aren’t lost on me     

a couple near ninety    pulled into the post office to mail a package
she waited for him to come to her door      noble knight    on a day 
it pained her to walk      she beamed at him like it was their first date 

You inspire me when my powers wane 

a high school girl in UGG boots & a gray plaid kilt    bowed 
reverently over her desk     angelic     worshiping a poem about oranges   
said she’ll never peel one again     without smelling sunrays 

When I journey far away you’re there beside me  

a teenager in the middle of Bourbon Street	 spun in circles 
on his head    legs running   soles nudging stars    jazzed by trumpets 
blaring around him    his upside down gaze stopped at my lips 	

And for the record — your shape shifting is superb  

this brazen squirrel scurried to me     peered in like I were a pond
where he longed to dive    furry head first   warm July breeze shook 
his silvery tail      as his hungry-lightning hands     tore my Subway bag

Your nonchalant miracles leave me breathless

my daughter   at three      jumped and waved happily from our kitchen 
window where she saw my grandfather    her great    weeks after he died  
smiling at her from our garden     where the basil he planted was ready

You teach me that patience will always heal me 

a bone in my foot cracked     two clean pieces     mended themselves
slowly     my own steps strengthening the bond     like Gorilla Glue
fixes broken porcelain     dries undetectable    makes things new again 

My devotion should be clear to you by now

my best friend texts    wondering where I’ve been     hiding myself    
these honeysuckle nights     the city’s music lifts romantics to rooftops 
to sip cocktails   but you and I are home     lyrics pulsing in my fingers   

I live to tell the world your curves and lines are mine 

Dana Kinsey is an actor and teacher published in Writers Resist, Drunk Monkeys, ONE ART, On the Seawall, Porcupine Literary, Sledgehammer Lit, West Trestle Review, and Prose Online. Dana’s play, WaterRise, was produced at the Gene Frankel Theatre.  Her chapbook, Mixtape Venus, is published by I. Giraffe Press. Visit wordsbyDK.com


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