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Ideate has its root in the Greek “idein”, to see. What we ‘see’ in ourselves makes the world we ‘see’. What we ‘see’ in the world makes the eye that ‘sees’ the world. The Pine Cone Review is excited to launch IDEATE which will house opinion and editorial pieces on a variety of themes, not limited to purely literary concepts and ideas.

The Pine Cone Review re-launches this section with Candice Louisa Daquin’s perceptive essay Them & us: Can we ever stop thinking in terms of exclusion? The essay puts into perspective the relevance of our recently published issue’s theme.

This publication also marks the opening of a call for submissions for IDEATE. Please read the newly updated submission guidelines very carefully before sending your submission. Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

The Brown Issue, Issue 3 is now here!

COMING SOON: Review Section and Op-Ed Section

We are soon going to launch a REVIEW section where we hope to house conversations over books, films, documentaries, visual art exhibitions, performances and others.

The Pine Cone Review had an OP-ED section earlier in its Blogger platform. We are going to re-launch it too. We will house the pieces published earlier in Blogger as well as begin a tradition of discussion of topics that unnerve you.

Keep an eye out for the opening of the call for submissions for each section this January! And, put on your thinking caps!

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