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Dance and music are possibly the most internalized forms of art. The rhythm of the heart is at the core of the functioning of the human diaspora. And, dance encapsulates that original rhythm.

From a very early age, children respond to rhythm and music by moving freestyle. At this stage, it is usually a response mechanism at play. As the child grows up, the tempo, the rhythm, the awareness of one’s physical self comes to the fore. At this point it becomes an appreciation of movement, both as a release, and as an expression of emotion.

Some believe that intentional movement and non-choreographed dance are enduring modes of organic communication. Writing can be like dancing. In it we mind movement, transitions, tempos in terms of subject matter and technique.

Narrative, Simple Binary form versus Theme and Variation or Non-Specified Sequential Forms are all types of choreography and dance, and much like writing, they have differing rules (or lack thereof). Capturing motion in a photograph, an artist’s rendering of a dancer, a poem about the opening night of a dance performance- these translations of movement become movement on the page.

Dance, writing and visual art can all include; abstraction, canon, motif, contrast, accumulation, repetition, reversal, retrograde, inversion, fragmentation, and embellishment. The ways we choose to evoke these, become the art ‘form’ shared across genres. There are those that are linear, repeating or containing patterns, just as writing and art possess.

Trying to capture the enduring value of dance and movement in another art form is both a challenge and homage to the form. For this reason The Pine Cone Review’s next special issue GLISSADE will be focusing on DANCE and all that relates to dance in written and visual art forms.

We invite you to interpret dance – to deconstruct the meaning of dance; to construct a new meaning of what dance can be.

Isn’t the ups and downs of life a dance? Consider the gurgling laughter of a child in strategic intervals when responding to something amusing. Isn’t that a gliding movement of joy? What about the regimented clockwork of machines? Do they not have a rhythm akin to dance?

These are but tiny examples of how dance can be interpreted and re-interpreted.

Let your imagination dance to its own tune!

We are inviting traditional, experimental and genre-bending submissions to tap into the creative world of dance.

Please check our submission guidelines before sending your submission.

ENSCONCE. verb. “establish or settle (someone) in a comfortable, safe place”

Join us in celebrating YOU!

Issue 4 is LIVE!

With Winged Seeds, we now fly, delving deep into the caverns of an art work or art presentation. Traditionally this space would be called a review section.

The Pine Cone Review is excited to launch IDEATE which will house opinion and editorial pieces on a variety of themes, not limited to purely literary concepts and ideas.

The calls for submission for IDEATE and Winged Seeds are OPEN now. Please read the newly updated submission guidelines very carefully before sending your submission.

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