Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting to us.

Please read the complete guidelines carefully before sending your submission.


UPDATE: The deadline for submissions to the themed Issue 3 of The Pine Cone Review is extended till 20th December, 2021.

Our 3rd Issue brings back into focus the complexities of brown existence.

We are looking for flash fiction, poetry, flash creative non-fiction, translations and visual art that discuss, present or question intersectionality. Intersectionality is defined as “the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.” For example, someone who is born in a mixed race family and identifies as queer is living in intersectionality.

We are also looking for discourses by individuals who identify as brown by virtue of belonging to a particular geographical area or a particular race that usually has brown skin.

For this issue we are looking for visual art with the theme of “shades of brown”.



  • The Pine Cone Review is a no fee, no pay market. There are no submission fees. There is no monetary payment on publication.
  • We are looking for PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED works. Publications in social media and/or in your personal blog/website are considered published.
  • No simultaneous submissions please.
  • All rights of the work published (writing / artwork) remain with the writer/artist. We only request you to mention the first publication in The Pine Cone Review if/ when you reprint it. 
  • We promise to spread the word of your published work(s) through the social handles. 


  • Please use Times New Roman12 pt. font size for both body of text and title(s).
  • Please underline the title(s)
  • For PROSE, please DOUBLE SPACE the lines. 
  • For POETRY, please SINGLE SPACE the lines if it does not require special formatting.
  • For MIXED GENRE, please email the piece in the format you want it to be published



  • Send 1 to 3 non-rhyming poems in a single .doc/.docx file; OR Send 1 flash fiction/ 2 very short flash fiction pieces in a single .doc/.docx file; OR Send 1 flash creative non-fiction piece in a single .doc/.docx file.
  • The total word count (excluding titles) should not be more than 600 words.
  • The SUBJECT LINE of your E-MAIL should read: FULL NAME OF INDIVIDUAL: GENRE, for example, When Smita Das submits a poetry submission, her e-mail subject line reads- Smita Das: Poetry
  • Please send an author photograph.
  • The first page of your submission should include:
    • a simple cover letter
    • a short bio (max. 75 words)
    • social handles : facebook, twitter, instagram
    • link to your website, if any


  • Send 1 to 3 translations in English in .doc/.docx format.
  • The total word count of the translation (excluding titles) should not be more than 600 words.
  • Please share the e-mail/ letter of permission from the author/publisher of the original piece, citing your name and giving the permission for publication of translation.
  • Please
  • Please send a photograph of the translator.
  • The first page of your submission should include:
    • a simple cover letter
    • a short bio of yourself (max. 75 words)
    • a short bio of the author of the original work ( max. 75 words) and his/her/their pronouns
    • social handles of yourself and of the author: facebook, twitter, instagram
    • link to your website, if any


  • Send 1 to 3 high quality photographs (6KB and above)  in .jpeg/ .png format. Digital paintings or photographs of hard copy paintings can also be sent.
  • Kindly title your photographs and provide a short description of each.
  • Please add a short artist’s statement (600 words). 
  • The SUBJECT LINE of your E-MAIL should read: FULL NAME OF INDIVIDUAL: ARTWORK, for example Smita Das: ARTWORK.
  • Please send a photograph of the artist.
  • Please add a .doc/.docx docùment that should include:
    • a simple cover letter
    • a short bio (max. 75 words)
    • social handles : facebook, twitter, instagram
    • link to your website, if any.


The Pine Cone Review has 2 open submission windows for GENERAL unsolicited submissions. 

  •  September 20 to November 30 (dates are inclusive) 
    • January 2 Publication. 
    • Theme: brown lives and brown existence
    • All writers are welcome. You can add an extra paragraph in your bio about how and why you feel or, do not feel included in the brown community
  • February 20 to May 15 (dates are inclusive) 
    • June 2 Publication. 
    • No theme. 
    • All writers are welcome.

       June, July and August : CLOSED READING PERIOD for general submissions

OPINION segment submission: CLOSED

The Pine Cone Review will be publishing creative non-fiction OPINION pieces on a rolling basis. If you are interested to have your opinion piece published with us, please DO NOT email us the completed piece. Please submit an abstract (max. 375 words) and a short bio (75 words) to . Submissions for this section is received all year-round.

Literary “writing” Party submission: CLOSED

The Pine Cone Review arranges two online literary parties every month. The literary parties will involve publishing a definite number of pieces within a certain time frame on the day of the event. The subject of the literary party will be unique every month. The details of how to participate in the literary party will be updated here. The selected pieces will be later available for download as a PDF or for reading at the website itself. 

What IS a Literary “writing” Party?

On October 5th, 2020 The Pine Cone Review organised it’s first online literary “writing” party. 

While literary meets and parties are not new, ours was a tad bit different. In this time of the pandemic, there was no need for zoom or Google meet, neither did we wear a professional top over our pajamas, nor did we need fancy coffee mugs with inspiring or outrageous quotes. We hosted a literary party and did what we could.

We wrote.

This “writing” literary party is our take on traditional literary parties. At our party one is present in order to be able to meet other fellow writers, interact with them through sharing critical notes. Writers submit writings within 600 words on a particular topic, ahead of the event date. The selected pieces are then published on the day of the event. 

We haven’t come across the presence of such events before. Do share a similar event that your magazine or you may be hosting/had hosted.


  • Please note that The Pine Cone Review DOES NOT take responsibility for plagiarism or copyright issues of any kind regarding the poetry, prose, translations and visual artworks published here.
  • Readers are encouraged to report any such issues and if the allegations are found to be true we will immediately remove the published work from this site.
  • Our team holds the right to reject a submission without giving any reason or criticism.
  • Please submit completed pieces for general submissions and for Literary Party submissions. For Opinion pieces, we like to work with the author.
  • Extensive editing service is not provided by us. Minor editing, however, will be done, when necessary.

We are excited to roll up our sleeves and sink into the depths of your words! Consider submitting to us NOW!

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