Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in submitting to us.

The Pine Cone Review considers: Non-rhyming poetry, flash fiction, flash creative nonfiction, translations, visual art and any genre-bending or genre-mixing creations for general publication. Special issues, IDEATE and WINGED SEEDS may have different submission criteria.

Please read the complete guidelines very carefully before sending your submission.


Send ALL submissions to

  • The Pine Cone Review is a no fee, no pay market. There are no submission fees. There is no monetary payment upon publication. However, we promise to spread the word of your published work(s) through social handles. 
  • We are looking for PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED works. Publications in social media and/or in your personal blog/website are considered published.
  • NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS PLEASE. We read each submission with care and devote time to it. Being a very small team of volunteer editors, withdrawing a submission midway implies a waste of our limited resources.


  • Please use Times New Roman or Garamond, 12 pt. font size
  • Number of submissions : 1-3 pieces
  • Word limit for general submissions: Not more than 600 words
  • Word limit for IDEATE and WINGED SEEDS: Not more than 10 pages in total.
  • Document file format: .doc or .docx
  • Visual art file format : .jpeg , 6KB and above
  • Please label the submitted file : LAST NAME_TITLE OF WORK
  • For TRANSLATIONS: Please share the e-mail/ letter of permission from the author/publisher of the original piece, citing your name and giving the permission for publication of translation.
    • Please submit 1-3 pieces
    • If a work includes written text, it should not exceed 600 words
    • If it involves special formatting, please send a PDF + a .doc/.docx document
    • If it involves something that we have not mentioned here, send it to us anyway!
  • Please include in the first page of the piece submitted:
    • full name of author, genre of work submitted
    • a short bio (max. 75 words)
    • social handles : facebook, twitter, instagram
    • link to your website, if any
  • Please send artitst/author(s) photograph(s). For Translations, please include the translator’s photograph too.


The Pine Cone Review has the following open submission windows:

Annual issues:

  • November 7 to December 20 (dates are inclusive) 
    • January 2 Publication
    • Theme: Brown lives and brown existence
  • March 21 to May 20 (dates are inclusive) 
    • June 2 Publication
    • No theme

Special issues:

  • SPECIAL issue 1: January 20 to March 20 (dates are inclusive) 
    • April 2 Publication
  • SPECIAL issue 2: July 20 toSeptember 20 (dates are inclusive) DEADLINE EXTENDED: October 20, 2022
    • November 6 Publication
    • Theme : DANCE

Submissions to IDEATE OPEN

The Pine Cone Review invites opinion pieces on any topic for publication in our IDEATE section. We are looking for serious discussions on a myriad of issues and ideas that unnerve you, encourage you, uplift you or destroy you.

At this moment we have no word limit in mind but given the nature of being an online literary journal, we ask that you consider sending pieces no more than 10 pages in total.

Submissions for this section are received all year-round.

Submissions to WINGED SEEDS OPEN

The Pine Cone Review invites reviews of books, films, chapbooks, documentaries, short films, art exhibitions and relevant others. We are looking for reviews that not only capture the narrative of a creative piece, but also delve deep into its philosophy. In addition, we are open to the idea of co-ordinating a match between those who wish to have pieces reviewed and those wanting to review. At this moment we have no word limit in mind but given the nature of being an online literary journal ask that you consider sending pieces no more than 10 pages in total. 

Submissions for this section are received all year-round.


  • Please note that The Pine Cone Review DOES NOT take responsibility for plagiarism or copyright issues of any kind regarding the poetry, prose, translations and visual artworks published here.
  • Readers are encouraged to report any such issues and if the allegations are found to be true we will immediately remove the published work from this site.
  • Our team holds the right to reject a submission without giving any reason or criticism.
  • Please submit completed pieces for general submissions and for Literary Party submissions. For Opinion pieces, we like to work with the author.
  • Extensive editing service is not provided by us. Minor editing, however, will be done, when necessary.

We are excited to roll up our sleeves and sink into the depths of your words! Consider submitting to us NOW!

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