Literary “writing” Parties

On October 5th, 2020 The Pine Cone Review organised it’s first online literary “writing” party. 

While literary meets and parties are not new, ours was a tad bit different. In this time of the pandemic, there was no need for zoom or Google meet, neither did we wear a professional top over our pajamas, nor did we need fancy coffee mugs with inspiring or outrageous quotes. We hosted a literary party and did what we could.

We wrote.

This “writing” literary party is our take on traditional literary parties. At our party one is present in order to be able to meet other fellow writers, interact with them through sharing critical notes. Writers submit writings within 600 words on a particular topic, ahead of the event date. The selected pieces are then published on the day of the event.

The literary “writing” parties are held as Facebook events primarily. Within two weeks, the participating creations find their permanent home here.  

We haven’t come across the presence of such events before. Do share a similar event that your magazine or you may be hosting/had hosted.

poetry solo Literary “writing” Party

Click on the image above to read the poetry solo Literary “writing” Party publication.

Click on the image above to read The Politics of Language Literary “writing” Party publication.

Click on the image above to read the Disease in literature literary “writing” party publication.

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