We are like Satellites by Drew Pisarra

We occupy pods orbiting around
the same planet, circling the same sun, and
near the same moon. We’re neither up nor down,
as the Earth’s gravitational pull can
not quite decide whether to pull us in
or let us go. Do not request release.
Do not seek out stardom or inner peace.
Forget that universal jazz. Endure.
Continue to float despite your unease.
The rush is man-made. The rest is unsure.


Drew Pisarra is the author of Infinity Standing Up, a homoerotic poetry collection published by Capturing Fire Press, and Publick Spanking, a short story collection published by Future Tense Books. He’s a 2019 grantee of Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation and a co-founder of Saint Flashlight, a poetry activation project with Molly Gross. Currently, he’s at work on the radio play The Strange Case of Nick M. commissioned by Imago Theatre.

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