Untitled by Shafaatu Muhammad Balarabe

Mummy's tongue once whispered
 to my hypocritical ears 
Tales of men
Who with thread 
Knitted their destinies
In circles
Whose tails 
Run helter skelter
In search for bait
To quench their desires
Whose scars are hidden
Only to be revealed 
 when the battle emerges 
Knitted bows of destiny
Clearing hopes and placing them in baskets
Of oaths 
Put to the test
And the monsters 
Devour on their oaths 
Like oats .
And their destinies 
Are played like guitar strings 
"We buried them years ago at sunset"
She whispered more .

Shafaatu Muhammad Balarabe also known as Amnatulkhair or Sherfer'at  , is a teenage writer , poet , and spoken word artist whose art revolves around African culture , motivational poems and blues. Born on the 1'st of April in Nassarawa state , she grew up and is still schooling in Kaduna , she is a member of Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation
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