They say by Rekbekh Berkovic


The ache will mend, it’s simple, they say
Closing the door behind them.
With not a whit of concern
No solace is left behind.
Suddenly, you’re left, abandoned
Everything ever questioned
Crashes and tumbles and collides
Awakening the hollow silence.
The heart foretells what is next
As each thing in the room awakens
With gaping eyes they glare, they know
You’re ruined.
You hear them whispering
You hear the silence swarming with curiosity
They’re buzzing, questioning, wondering
When will it come?
The heart foretells, the mind comprehends
Lock the doors, draw the blinds
Turn on the lights, the music, the stove
Nobody must know, it must not hear.
You cannot fail, this is your job now
The mind urges, do not stop
Conceal the murmur, make them hushed
Tuck away the sentiment, still the pangs.
It must not hear. It must not know.
Every day remains the same, unchanging
Work, get it done, achieve something
Then lock the doors, close the blinds
Hush up their racket, silence your discomfort
It must not hear. It must not know.
But you know it does. It hears.
It knew from the very beginning
And it will appear at your door
Silent, heavy, crooked.
With it come both shrieks and silence
It offers no more than sorrow
No less than burden
But a constant companion.
You have no choice but to let it in
It’ll buzz and glare and murmur too
No longer will you be alone, it says
I’m here to stay, there is no other way.
The ache will mend, it’s simple. They say.

Rebekah Berkovic  in her writings, often explores the topics of mental-emotional 'disease', how depression, anxiety, loneliness and paranoia are experienced by the individual and how they are viewed by society. This poem explores just that - the rejection of society and the vicious link between loneliness and anxiety.

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