The Silence without You by Achingliu Kamei

You're sitting in you small garden
Under the gulmohar canopy
Nursing a cup in your hand
It's nightfall, and the birds have come back,
The mosquitoes busy to get a last bite in
Though you are unaware
Now your attention drawn towards
The jasmine, his perfume lingering
Many lovely mornings watching the sunrise together,
Now you watch the fading sunlight,
The warm night sound coming alive,
The cup holding your unfathomable grief,
Now no one to drink tea with you,
Endless night 
The silence without you.

Dr. Achingliu Kamei is a short story writer, poet, and an ultra-runner. She teaches Literature in ARSD College, D.U.  Some of her poems are published in anthologies and journals like ‘The Looking Glass Anthology’, ‘Insulatus’ and in ‘International journal Setu’, ‘The Little Journal’, ‘Melbourne Culture Corner’, ‘Poetry pea journal of Haiku and Senryu’, ‘Imphal Free Press’, ‘Borderless Journal’ and other places. She is currently residing in Delhi.

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