The Pine Cone Review: Issue 4

In the tumultuous world of our little and big emotions, it is spring, maturing into summer. The luscious lips of time smack at our desire to anchor ourselves, to position ourselves, or, our visions, at the centre of things, turning our petty ambitions on their heads. We, puny mortals, are always put in retrograde as we are repeatedly forced to face the only constant of our lives: change.

The rotations and revolutions of our emotions, captured in written and visual images, want to numb this sole certainty. We are giants in the moment as much as we are infinitesimally small in it. We are all particles of the primordial Big Bang. We are stars and we are cosmic dust at the same time.

The Pine Cone Review muses at this juncture of realisation.

As we continue our slow dance around the universe, The Pine Cone Review presents its ubiquitous punch of life in its current issue through the creative arsenal of written and visual artists.

We hope that each of these creations touches someone, somewhere, deeply enough to make them ponder on the magical lightness of our existence. 

Happy explorations!

Susmita Paul


The Pine Cone Review

Background image: Orange brush vector created by Harryarts 
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