The Exhilaration of the Night by Iolanda Leotta

The exhilaration of the night,
enlightens always my soul,
It slowly goes down the street
and everything becomes poetry, 
in the shade and between the light 
of the street lamps.
It’s sluggish and silent,
its melancholy seems to whisper
something unrealistic,
people's hearts, the rivers, and seas 
are soothed by its breeze.
Refinement spreads in the night
scent of incomparable freshness,
purifying of the tormented souls.
I seem to recall the taste of customs 
now lost, whispers of unknown voices ,
sounds of guitars and mandolins,
good times spent with songs, 
serenade and lost friends.
It’s really evanescent the essence 
of the exhilaration, 
It comes from such a mystery, 
from a cosmos created by a supreme mind 
to inebriate and refresh the broken spirit.
The last star lights up in the sky,
I've given it a brilliant name 
enshrined in the firmament.
There won’t be name more beautiful 
than mine, I’ll be so excited 
thinking it come to enlighten me,
I’ll distinguish among thousands of stars 
my “Lucky Star” and I’m going to exclaim: 
“Appear! I’m waiting for you,
It's the middle of the night. Shine!”
Don’t forget to grant my desire.
Iolanda Leotta, poetess and storyteller, was born in Rocca di Neto (Kr) Italy. She holds a degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation. Cultural Mediator. Recently, her poetry book “L’esploratrice dei sentimenti e dei valori umani” has been published in Italy, by Giuseppe Aletti editor and literary critic, it was presented at “The Federiciano International Poetry Festival”. Her poems may be found in National and International literary anthologies. Winner of "Premio Europa Cultura 1988" for the singularity and peculiarity of her poems.  She took part in the Cultural Initiative with 4 poems selected by the publishing house Aletti. The Video-poems published on the Youtube channel are titled: “La Fortuna”; “Fantasmi”; “L’Inganno”; “La Libertà”. She takes part in the laboratory on poetic writing with: Mogol, lyricist, writer and record producer.

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