Shyamasri Maji: The Unsaid Word

Photo by Muyuan Ma on Unsplash
The sun chases me like a hawk
The oasis recedes like the past 

Stranded under the barbed wire
With bruised elbows and knees
I wait for you to whisper
The unsaid word into my ears
A sandstorm howls.  
An untimely rainfall
feeds the newborn grass in my eyes
The sea-birds flap their smiling wings
They peck into the rocky niches
On the foamy cliffs
They feed their little ones noisily
Slowly, the sun reclines 
Strokes of fiery red mingles with the blue
Like a dry leaf on a calm river

The clock is an ocean between us
Music pours from your callertune
Waves and arguments
Roar against the ineluctable cliffs
We walk along the breezy surf
Our stretched shadows long for the unsaid word 

Shyamasri Maji is an Assistant Professor in English at Durgapur Women’s College (affiliated to Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol, West Bengal). She writes short stories and poems in English, some of which have been published in Muse India (“The Nettle Leaves”), Six Seasons Review (“Maya’s Apartment”), Story Mirror (“The Birthday Party”), Setu (“Skin Poems”), Kolkata Fusion, Café Dissensus, Indian Periodical, Borderless, The Chakkar and Teesta Review. She has her read her poems at ‘Humara Mushaira’ of South Asian Literary Association and Anantha-Samyukta Poetry Festival. 


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