Seahorse by Saralies ten Hooven

From the rise of her battlement  
through the large windows 
most through the first window 
many through the second 
some through the third 
she beheld 
all the suitors who 
relinquished their life 
She is high up, guarded, alone 
sees every mountain, every stone 
sees every root in the soil 
sees every ripple on the sea 
sees every ray 
sees every star 
sees every flora, fauna 
near and afar  
sees distant sky 
deepest gorge 
sees every life 
that she seeks 
Here comes the prince 
one stake still vacant 
for his head 
and she allows 
him to hide 
in every corner of the earth 
From high up in her battlement 
She gazes through the window pane 
soon sees the prince 
hiding in a bird’s nest 
second time round 
not through the first 
but through the second  
she sees him 
in the fish’s belly, in the ocean’s depth 
She climbs the stairs to the battlement 
and stands before the windows 
gazes through the first 
gazes through the second 
gazes through the third 
in vain 
In rage  
She burst the window pane 
The prince disguised as sea horse in her nape 
Now she gazes inwards and sees her heart 
wounded and hurt 
acknowledging the prince.

Saralies ten Hooven was born in 1976 in Leiden, Netherlands. She writes short stories and poems in the 'Global- Player' and 'Montauk'. She started studying singing in the Netherlands. She took singing lessons with G. Lichtenberg in Graz. She gives small concerts now and then.

Anonymous translator translated from German.
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