Sara A. Mosier: 2 poems

Photo by Ana Moreno on Unsplash


Black winged
tree to tree
a careful eye
on the stones
whisper names when
the fog is low
he writes
in his book
of who is who
with a feather of
his own
their times
his keeping
in this mysterious
with death 


dark rooms
in the corners
of your mind,
sit empty
despite their size
hollow echoes ring
bouncing off
untethered walls
like broken glass
you will it to leave
to close,
to burn,
when you should
open the windows
and free yourself
from this state
you built
with pain
long ago.

Sara A. Mosier is a native Nebraska author and poet. She has poetry and photographs published in several issues of Laurus Magazine, an undergraduate magazine at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her queer romantic short stories and poetry can be found in the anthologies “Untamed”, “Merrow”, and “Songs of The Rainbow” by United Faedom Publishing on Amazon. She has also released a book of poetry titled Unfettered: A Collection of Poetry available as well on Amazon. Links to work:

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