Ruud van Weerdenburg


Our History

The bird is in the nest and feels at home in the woods when her egg is completely hidden from us. This feeling can not be shared, no matter how deep into the forest we visit and observe nature. Painting a teapot on the nest and a bird at home on it sets the straw and branches on fire, exposing the deepest…

The male bird is singing. It sits next to the site of the event. He will soon move on a little farther to produce alarming noises, pretending that the nest is somewhere else. It is all very skillful, just like the artist, who never really shows the truth.

RUUD VAN WEERDENBURG was born 1956 in Alkmaar, Netherlands. He is a poet, a painter and a flautist. His travel stories were published in Hindustan Times and Assam Tribune. In Kalakshetra in Guwahati, he had his painting exhibition. Based out of Amsterdam and Vienna, he is also a portraitist and an illustrator.

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