Nancy K. Jentsch: 2 poems

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

Nothing New Among the Stars

Sunset the color of embers and ash 
lowers day’s closing cleaver 
Darkness trims all fat, lives fly— 
kites amid solemn stars 
Gossip, their earthly ballast 
webs constellations 
complacent in their light 
years of wisdom 

True Colors

(Inspired by Jules Breton’s “Last Flowers”) 
To see flowers against snow 
is to steal a star’s timid kiss. 
Butter cream, pumpkin, dusty pink— 
colors bolden against white. 
But once plucked, a frost-sweetened 
vaseful fades when hearth or heart 
heats too harshly—smites petals 
and pores, leaf tips and lips. 

Nancy K. Jentsch’s poetry has appeared recently in Scissortail Quarterly, Third Wednesday, Tipton Poetry Journal, and Verse-Virtual. In 2020, she received an Arts Enrichment Grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. Her chapbook, Authorized Visitors, was published in 2017 (Cherry Grove Collections) and Between the Rows, her first poetry collection, is forthcoming from Shanti Arts. Her Facebook writer’s page is

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