Mubarak Said: Open the Door

Photo by Filip Kominik on Unsplash
Amidst the silenced
and gloomy homes
of unheard languages
of distress
& insolent zephyr.
A sudden knock fall 
onto my door
which sounded a sound
like a thunderbolt
accompanied by a storm.
smashed my emotions
became like a
BigBang explosion 
of universe scattered 
into dissimilar planet bodies
I thought, thought and thought
flies my bosoms from the 
edge of my bed, 
carrying the whole me
floating on the air
the door opened
and it flows benediction
like a fountain flow

Mubarak Said is a Nigerian poet,essayist and short story writer from the great city of Gombe. His works have appeared in different national and international magazines as world voices magazine, Susa Africa, beatnikcowboy, the pinecone review and many others.



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