Meet the Team

Susmita Paul

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

She knew she would study English Literature when she was 8. She writes in English and Bengali. She writes poetry, short fiction and non-fiction. “Himabaho Kotha Bole” (When Glaciers Speak) (Kaurab, 2019) is her only Bengali book of poetry. Her works are published/forthcoming from/in Indie Blu(e) Publishing, Poetry and COVID, Montauk and Plato’s Caves Online, amongst others. She has dabbled in various media in drawing and painting. Currently, she loves to draw Zentangle-inspired drawings. Susmita is addicted to coffee and loves listening to people, sounds and silences.

Candice Louisa Daquin


She is of Sephardi French/Egyptian descent. Born in Europe, Daquin worked in publishing for The American Embassy and Chamber of Commerce in London before immigrating to the American South West to study and become a Psychotherapist, where she has continued writing and editing whilst practicing as a therapist. Daquin has worked at Jewish Community Centers and Rape Crisis Centers both in Texas and Ontario, Canada. Her area of specialization is adults sexually abused as children. Prior to publishing her own poetry collections, Daquin regularly wrote for the poetry periodical Rattle and The Northern Poetry Review. Daquin is currently Senior Editor at Indie Blu(e) Publishing, a feminist micro-press. She is also Writer-in-Residence for Borderless Journal.

As a queer woman of mixed ethnicity and passionate feminist beliefs concerning equality, Daquin’s poetry is her body of evidence. 

Dr. Khusi Pattanayak


She is a PhD in English Literature with over 13 years of professional experience in both academia and industry. A polyglot, she has a number of published books, articles and translations to her credit. A cine-scholar, she was featured in TEDx Thought Break. KP has swashbuckled from Middle-Earth to Earthsea while enjoying Márquez , Kafka, Neruda , Seth, Christie in no specific order . She is the Patronus Charm herself.

Past team members:

Debalina Das

Sreemoyee Chatterjee

Shruti Rai

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