2 poems by Marjorie Maddox: In collaboration with Anna Lee Hafer

Transcendental Interstate

Transcendental Interstate by Anna Lee Hafer (USA), 2021. Used by permission of the artist.

Artist’s Statement: In this work that travels in, through, and between infinite possible universes, we are led to a distortion of our world where buildings melt, passageways collide, and foreign forms scream at whoever is there to witness.
No monotonous monorail,
	these elevated railways

	crisscross lifelines, dip
into the infinite, traversing transcendental

possibilities that blur past at faster-
	than lightning speed

	traps. Meanwhile, you stare
out the window, round-trip-it to the sun, 

firework-it to constellations, then

	toward all the rails of now, 
then, and in between. True, you’re 

a front-row witness to society’s
	 manic meltdown and

 	catastrophic collapse of 
conscience. But Hey! Hey! Hey! 

who’s going to slow down 
	the intersecting trains

	of thought but you? 
Time to brake the spellbound 

pattern of traffic, dim the neon rails
	of continuous intersecting collisions. 

	Time to remove the gold- 
colored glasses as cracked as this high-

speed chase twisting into one alternate 
	reality after another and 

	another, this inner state 
of who we are—driving and driven—

speeding us all the way toward
	destination’s shattered end.

King Street

King Street by Anna Lee Hafer. 

Artist’s Statement: King Street displays a distorted view from the artist’s studio, a combination of interior and exterior spaces.
In/out, up/down any city/
town tacked to the frame

of a window with someone
not you looking out/

looking in. What is the point
of point of view? 

The apple on the tree 
or the counter? The apple 

of my eye slicing the view
into juicy sections

while the downtown tilts
this way or that and the who 

who sees it all devours
or nibbles between lines

that could be sun or paint
or poem or street 

or icicle melting, 
or mind meandering

here or there, now
or now.

Professor of English at Lock Haven University, Marjorie Maddox has published 13 collections of poetry— including Transplant, Transport, Transubstantiation, Begin with a Question (Paraclete 2022), and the ekphrastic collaboration with Karen Elias Heart Speaks, Is Spoken For (Shanti Arts 2022)—the story collection What She Was Saying (Fomite), four children’s/YA books. In the Museum of My Daughter’s Mind, based on her daughter’s paintings, is forthcoming in 2023 (Shanti Arts). Please see www.marjoriemaddox.com

Anna Lee Hafer is a studio artist based in the Philadelphia area who graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY in 2019. Previous experience in the art field includes studio exhibitions at Davison art gallery and Rochester contemporary art center in Rochester, NY, as well as published or forthcoming work in Still Point Arts Quarterly, The MacGuffin, The Penn Review, and The Ekphrastic Review. Please see www.hafer.work

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