Kora Villa: land and grooves

Photo by Kunj Parekh on Unsplash
it was dust 
there was dust 
we were dust.

out there 
out where no-body knows our name
out here.

we were dust
out there racing rampant on old dusty highways
roads carved in mud and stone 
marked by our blood and our hands
places where no-one knows your name
and your birth and your life
your marriage your kids
will be swallowed by dust
fading away as soon as your breath wavers.
out where your legacy and your heroes
are fictions you created and you used 
to find comfort and solace in the fact that you were dust
and we were dust
and soon, someday, all of us
will be swallowed, swallowed by the dust
that runs over miles and miles of broken earth. 

shhh– it’s ok
as they touch your hands and braid your hair
paint you with the echoes of dust dust dust
shhh– don’t worry, watch them and smile
watch us and smile
because some day soon you’ll meet us too
over and over on old desert highways
you’ll find us as dust clouds your eyes
because maybe, –
we never really left. 

sometimes I know we were there
breathing and fighting for something real.
sometimes we are more than just apparitions
muted and blurred by stagnating dust.
sometimes I can see us as we run 
clothes and hair pulled by the wind
sun, glinting off our soles 
as we race on and on
I can see us through the dust and with the dust
don’t look back see the sky and the ground and– us 
we are one
one and another one and the same
bound to each other
out here
out there
where we were dust
where we are dust
thrown by the ages over rusty broken earth. 

Kora Villa is an Australian teenager studying sport sciences and philosophy at The University of Sydney whilst working part time. Her true joy stems from playing football (soccer) and running, activities that she eagerly employs to fill her spare time. Since she was a child, Kora has used the exploratory and unconfined medium offered by poetry to engage personally and impersonally with the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human.


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