Kirsty Mac Dougall: 2 poems

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

When Destiny Holds Your Heart

Destiny drifts over dust dried earth with no reason
And falters
The essence of a chain discovered close to his heart
Around his heart
It slows down the drag droan of him

Destiny enters, fills
Far space
No boundary to touch

No matter how the scream hurts
Slow is too hungry
His heart is slowed tearing soft tissue hard
Slowly splutter
Tremor slight

A mother’s son has left here.

Grieve over chains empty.

Alone and Awakened

Washing away to a beach brazen
A broken voice in the depths. And seeping
Into waters and whispers in the night
Where moon-notes open and flower onto the ocean.

I feel found here.

Left to the wind and cold 
In remnants
Are these shells broken into glasses dropped.
No one stands here.

I stand alone.

Broken shells scattered
Show me the wasted life behind me.

After retiring from the English teaching profession at the ripe age of 30, Kirsty Mac Dougall found her vocation in full-time writing and editing. She has loved writing in all its forms and genres from childhood and uses poetry as a creative balance to the precision of proofreading and copywriting. Her poetry frequently follows a stream of consciousness process; the outcome serving as her mirror to understand the world.


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