jerry the priest: Counterpoint

Photo by Tom Hill on Unsplash
I couldn’t hold
my side
of the conversation

with anyone.

Not even you.

Yet still,
at home
today. HERE—

and now with me
and the Pianos,
come flutes and violins

Oh, darling.

That’s all I could have 
told you anyhow

jerry the priest has lived, taught, and written in a plethora of glamorous and ignominious international locales. A vocalist since early childhood, his formal study of music began with his first trombone lesson in 1967. Essays, poems, stories, and illustrations have appeared in Coagula Art Journal, La Quadra, the Nervous Breakdown, Beat/No Beat, Moon and Sun, etc. Never a Dull Blundr, his anthological ‘debut’ LP is slated for release in 2022.


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