Jennifer Sheridan: 11. Debbie Says I am Brave

Photo by Manu Ros on Unsplash
She says I am brave
When I wear a maternity bathing suit but
I’ve never had to put my life on the line or
Walk out on a wire or
Fight to the death
I’ve certainly been afraid
Alone, in the dark
Afraid I would fall
Down the subway stairs
Afraid I would fail
And disappoint
But even so
I know
Not being afraid
That Debbie will judge me in my maternity
Bathing suit
Is not the same, as being brave

Jennifer Sheridan finds herself lately attempting to say something very big with very little. She earned an MFA in fiction writing at Columbia College in Chicago, and has taught there, as well as for the Gotham Writer’s Workshop in New York City. Her work has appeared in Rattle, Spectrum, A Hole in the Head Review, On the Run, Burningwood Journal, The Closed Eye Open and Wild Roof Journal.


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