Isolated Mind by Emecheta Christian

This house has become the world I know
Repeating routines: sleep, eat, bathe, sleep, eat, bathe
And sometimes I playback hoary memories in my head
Memories of things I did and things I should have done
Just like when I was too scared to tell Jennifer how I truly felt
I guess she wanted something more than mere friendship, 
A little courage and she would have been my girl.
Childhood memories are the most cherished,
They stream through the mind, depositing pockets of laughter;
Making worries disappear like flying saucers
Often, I wished humans don’t grow past the age of ten
From age eleven is when the mind starts plotting against its host
Telling us lies that make us hate the world and ourselves.
 Mama would always say memories are like building materials,
The better they are, the longer the building will last.
Before leaving home, I promised to make mama proud
I sincerely pray and hope she lives to see me succeed 
Times like these remind me of everything I haven’t become.
These times when life can be gone in a flash; 
From pandemics to earthquakes, police brutality, and suicide
Hope is gradually evaporating into the dark clouds above,    
Worry is eating me up but I can’t lose life or sanity to senseless fears.
It is astonishing how quick perceived reality can change
Even the world we are accustomed to can shrink into a house.


Emecheta Christian is an emerging writer with a small scattering of published pieces. His works have been published in the British Council international writing competition anthology and Eriata Oribhabor’s annual poetry collection amongst others. He lives in Nigeria with his family.

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