Irina Novikova’s artworks


materials: ink,  gel pen, gouache, paper (monotype and painting)

size: 40×30 cm 

year: 2022 

Those who remained behind the wall, what awaits them? Why did they come? Is there a lot of fear for us? And we lose all our masks there! We are dying there! How will they exist there, will they be able to … will they be able to live, create, will they be able to do anything? Will they be able to!? … We are here, behind the wall, safe and warm …


materials: ink, paper

 size: 40×30 cm 

year: 2022 

Fire and destruction, that which kills all living things, all that could live, only the mouths of soulless witnesses remain silent, only their eyes reflect horror and fear, and our hearts are silent …


materials: ink, paper

 size: 10×15 cm 

year: 2022 

The one that is inside us, who is she and what is she!? Perhaps it is a soul, or perhaps a bird. It beats against our inner bars in order to fly away and not fly again …

Sad bird of winter days 

materials: watercolor, paper

size: 60×40 cm 

Year: 2020 

Winter will come and my bird will fly, she will sing me a song and my heart will be joyful and again I will be able to sing on my flute …

Irina Novikova was born on 11.12.1987 in Minsk. Lives and works in Moscow. She graduated from the State Academy of Slavic Cultures with a degree in art and the Moscow Humanitarian and Technical Academy with a degree in designer.

Member of the Krasnogorsk Union of Artists “LIK”, Member of the Federation of Watercolorists, Member of the International Art Fund (IHF), Member of the Union of Russian Artists, Member of the Creative Association “Artist”.

The first personal exhibition “May soul is like a wild hawk” (2002) was held in the museum of Maxim Bagdanovich. In her works, she raises the themes of ecology amongst other themes.

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