Indecision by Karen E. Allen

Henry called it dithering and Sarah was a world-class ditherer.  

Henry said, “Just decide, one way or the other, then see how you feel.”

Sarah tried, seriously, but the doubts always sprang up to paralyze her.

December was zipping by.  They walked the dogs as the sun faded away and neighbours turned on their Christmas lights.  Sarah admired the decorated trees in the windows as they passed.

“Should we get a tree?” she asked.  “The kids aren’t coming this year.”

“I know,” said Henry.  “We’ll do whatever you want.”

“We could get a little Charlie Brown tree,” she suggested.

“Do you want a Charlie Brown tree?” he asked.

“Not really,” she said.  “I want to see the kids.  But, that isn’t happening.”

“I know,” he said.

Sarah went back and forth…tree, no tree, tree, no tree.  And suddenly it was Christmas Day.  Problem solved.


Karen E. Allen is a retired teacher living in California with her husband and two dogs.  She is particularly grateful to her writing group from which this story comes.

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