Hanna Abi Akl: 2 poems


right here
in my corner

playing tunes
on this guitar

that tells me
i'm feeding on
a love

that's not

fight or flight

i remember the brutality
of our kitchen fights

& your ravaged face

& our colorless dreams

& the vision we
designed in shards

& resignation that
we will live as strangers
in a foreign land

& never belonging
(together or apart)

& i, swallowed by
four walls

(& darkness)

& reaching
for the drink

& wanting to part
with all things

& scrambling for a
bit of light
to give you.

Hanna Abi Akl is the author of poetry books, novels, essays and short stories. He writes extensively about every aspect of being “human”, from snapshots of mundane daily lives to open-ended philosophical musings. The main inspiration to his work are music, paintings and of course, words.


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