The Pine Cone Review: Glissade, Special Issue on Dance

Cover artist:  Richard Hanus

It is no coincidence that GLISSADE, The Pine Cone Review’s Special Issue on Dance is launched in the middle of the most potent season of change. The birds are flying away for one more season, the leaves are swirling down with colours. There is such potency of possibility in this moment. As there is always in dance.

Dance, in any form, in any religion, has been the union of the opposites. There is rhythm, there is pause. There is movement, there is silence. Dance can be an awakening of the body. Dance can be an awakening of the soul.

When Sufi dancers dance, one of their palms face upwards while the other face downwards – as if the dancer is a transmitting medium between the elements, between the spiritual and the earthly worlds.

This is possibly the moment when dance transforms from being an expression of emotions to the manifestation of one’s kernel.

The dance of the soul is transfixing.

Within the limits of human creativity, 42 artists have attempted to touch upon the nuance that dance is.

Susmita Paul


The Pine Cone Review

November 6, 2022

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