FEATURE: Richard Hanus

1. How did you become an artist ? Tell us about your early journey as an artist.

A lifelong scribbler/doodler, he took his first art class in 1998 and proceeded from there to be almost wholly self-taught. He generally avoids looking at others' work so as not to be influenced by them.  He moved from oil paintings exclusively to oil and chemical blends and then to watercolor.  Now the media are practiced more or less interchangeably.  More and more, he has moved from the intentional to the accidental, often using a die to select colors and their sequencing.

2. Who are your favorite artists ? Have they inspired your work in any way ? 

Dali, Van Gogh, Edward Hopper, Ivan Albright, Georges Grosz.  No.

3. What are the challenges you faced as an artist ?

He has a poor to moderate representational ability, but he compensates through innovation and the willingness to experiment (and fail).  But Michael Jordan said once that he had missed 3000 shots in his career.  
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