Faleeha Hassan: 2 poems

Photo by I.am_nah on Unsplash

A message to my poem

Is this fair?
You leave me with the pale whiteness of my paper 
like an orphan stretching out his hand in the void 
waiting for a moment of kindness, 
Is this fair?
I open the door of my broken heart to celebrate the pride of your words 
And you, in vain, give me an indifferent look 
Pure silence, around me now 
Where did you get your hardness?
I'm like the whisper of a silk glove.   
I fall asleep on a velvet sheet waiting for you
I'm not a word hunter
to make traps for you.
No dice player
to collect the glow of your body from a lost throw.
I am a poet, 
I am born from a wing of a word 
and drowning deeply in the emptiness of the paper.
Nothing can be more cruel than your absence now.

A Talk between us 

‘Where you are going’ 
I read it in the driver's eyes as he stares in the mirror at me. 
Although the sky is so far away
no wing can collide with it, however I'm worried about who's flying now
‘There, I pointed, on the edge of the sea!’
‘No bus stops there!’
‘Imagine one and let me out, I will put all these waves in my bag, 
Spread them whenever and where. 
With bare hands I always separate thorns from my days, 
In the south of the south, I live full of madness and perfection. 
My dream is so wide but I have no hope of finding hope.  
Leave me here.  By the way, 
I am a poet.’

Faleeha Hassan is a poet and writer from Iraq who now lives in USA , NJ. Pulitzer Prize Nomination 2018  , Pushcart Prize Nomination 2019 , IWA. Cultural Ambassador – Iraq, USA 

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