Deeya Bhattacharya: 2 poems

Photo by Tolga Ulkan on Unsplash


Summer of hundred memories
Talks incessantly to livid dreams

The river takes birth from
Your navel to cross milestones
On its way

Your hair cradles thousand fireflies
And the night sky like a cropped lantern,
On a peasant’s cottage kindle far flung hopes
Of a meager meal

The night owl’s whooping cry
Stretches like a canvass of grey
Over the wilting valley

Far, the river of smoke
Rises like a merry dance of death

Our entwined eyes licking
The mopped corridors of our very existence
And dreams like music drift.


A home is a place, where
Mornings and evenings glide into each other
Like the passage of days and nights
Full of cricket’s songs

home is a tide where a nursing heart
Sows its dreams and reaps a falling light
towards its milky way

The cacti of sorrows and melting pains here
Drips honey like on our tongue

And empty tangents of crossfire
 drawn towards its radii

Here burdens hang like graves
 Heavy with desire

And we retire towards dust  

Deeya Bhattacharya is a published poet based out of Kolkata. Her works span the internet in various poetry sites journals and zines. She has to her credit several Anthologies both printed and e-version. Scarlet Lear Review(USA), Shot Glass Journal(USA),Oddball Mag, Piker Press(USA), OVS Mag, The Green Silk Journal, Taj Mahal Review etc. She has Co-edited An Anthology On Autism Under Different Truths Publication a Global Participatory Social Journalism Platform based in India and USA. Apart from writing Poetry she teaches English in a Govt.Sponsored Higher-Secondary School in West Bengal, India.


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