Conversation 1 by Piu Mahapatra

Thank God that we still forget things!

‘There is no way one can forget about me before she leaves! It will be shamefully insane’, the soft red panty winked as she remarked.

‘That is true for us as well, the pair of us!’ Flip and flop knew that is not true, but she has always shown her weakness for them when it came to quick informal outings.

‘If she forgets to carry us along, the bunch of us, she is surely in trouble to get in’, the house keys said in union.

‘Now-a-days you just can’t afford to forget us! A part of your identity’, there was an air at the way the disposable mask delivered his thoughts.

‘And you think she can ignore me and step out without fear?,’ the bottle was almost half empty and yet that that did not bother him. There were gallons of sanitizer saved as refill, promising to kill everything that one can’t see.

‘Hahahaha! To all of you just a friendly reminder that each one of you are dumped in me before rushing out. So, I am the one, who is indispensable!!’, Gucci was imprinted right where the handles meet the rest of the bag. 

‘And what if she plans to drive?’ snorted the car keys, ‘I am the one she picks last but hey, not least!’

“Soon when her feet will give away, I will be the one to be with her always, at home and out.’ The old stick murmured, more to himself than to others. 

‘She used to carry me EVERYWHERE!’ the soft doll sounded lost and lonely. She quickly added, ‘Once!’ 

‘Yes, and me as well for every weekday till the weekend came in between.’ The school bag knew his chain needs to be changed and the stiches at the side had given away with time.

‘I am always with her! No matter what!’, iPhone’s apple sounded so damn confidant and yet he still didn’t know who gave him that ugly bite. 

It was the reading glass who was quiet. He knew at forty, one can afford to ignore him, but then as the years get quiet and lonelier, they have to look for him more often.


Piu Mahapatra is a practising artist, facilitator, and art consultant by profession, Piu also writes to capture her imageries. Her articles on Art Education is published in various magazines in India and Virginia.  She loves to let her hair go down and make attempts to write and illustrate for children. An alumna of Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan, Piu lives in Virginia and also resides at Kolkata, her hometown

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