Bread of Deceit by Nwosu Prayerlife Onyinyechi

Walking by the moist bush
Mocked and wiped by wet grasses
Desolately, hums the wind to my hearing 
Voices of talking drums echoes with laughter

Cold like a lost chick in a rainy storm
Helpless like an abandoned puppy dog
Walking like a day old lamb
Wearing a dirty robe made with shame stiches

Tender sip of ignorance chokes
Just for a bite from the bread of deceit  
A drink from the pool of romance
Permanent scars of a costly mistake

Present in the world of mothers
Under aged for the dance of motherhood 
A price for eating the forbidden meal
The divine meal for couples at leisure

Still walking in the robe made of shame
Bearing a bastard in a belly bowl
 Head covered with a cap of disgrace
Lost in thoughts over a costly mistake.


Nwosu Prayerlife Onyinyechi is a Nigerian youth corper at Akwaibom state. She is writer who wishes to influence the world with her writings. Her poems have been published in the Anthology in honour of Prof Jerry Agada, Poetry and Art Anthology in honour of Khalil Gibran @ 90 and many more, Mujerer poems and many more.
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