Be Proud with Pride: Being Queer

A sneak peek into the first ever SPECIAL ISSUE by The Pine Cone Review

Being Queer!

After working on an issue that truly bleeds your heart and soul, Guest Editor Candice Louisa Daquin and The Pine Cone Review team ‘proudly’ present Be Proud with Pride: Being Queer!

Working on this project was a learning experience. From the world of heterosexuals we travelled to the beautiful, the poignant, the painful, the epiphanic and the joyous world of LGBTQ+ writers and artists. Candice led us all-through. As did the living light of hope- sometimes evident, sometimes hidden – in the creative energy of these LGBTQ+ souls. Gratitude all along.

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Snippets from the issue

I was born a child of the rainbow


The soil that rises between the banks

Dabbing it across the chest of knowing”


“It was a reminder of her true being”

Aishwarya Das gupta

“… the human foetus is neither exactly female nor male.”

Kanchan dhar

“Trinkets decorate the manacle about your ankle”

jill freeman

“The girl, who held hope,

Shrank down, curling into a foetal position,”

annette kalandros

“Aren’t we just as solid”

stephen mead

“I see a million stairs

going every which way

I take one

I reach a door”

nitya swaruba

“A new freshness that beats in our chests”


“I shuddered in ecstasy and existential dread”

D S Coremans

“Woman you are a chair

that needs no covering, nor remake”

candice louisa daquin

“We don’t hold hands

or speak to each other

and disclaim today

as an expedition.”

Ramesh dohan

“… let’s not run away from them”


“She emerged as an artist with little regard for niceties”

anna-marie lopez

“I was born unlike my mother”

emily thomas

“No, she is a domesticated plant”


“Let us be our authentic selves”

Linda M. Crate

“The way you hurt yourself

reminds me of a National Geographic magazine:”

Liz DEgregorio

“I still search for you

in places I know

your heart would fit”

melissa fadul

“I assumed these changes

would align better with

their true identities”

Carol H. jewell

“Years stack up, leftovers.”

kenneth pobo

“I love how she tries to free

prisoners, to rescue other trapped wild things”

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