Mine by Anna Sanderson

Photo by Martin Brechtl on Unsplash

I’m there for Carly after every break-up, providing liquid comfort and a loyal ear. But this time’s different.

“I loved him,” she sobs, and a wave of guilt overtakes me.
I think of the message, sent from an old number she’d never recognise. The lie typed out by my own shaking finger.

“How could he cheat on me?”            

Carly rests her head on my shoulder. I close my eyes, savour the moment; the warmth of her body eradicating any residual guilt. If I can’t have her, why should anyone else? 

“No-one’s trustworthy these days,” she says. I couldn’t agree more.  

Anna Sanderson writes about the world as she sees it (with the odd twist and turn). Her work has been published in a number of zines, anthology and online writing site, including 101 Words, 50-Word Stories and Lights Go Out.

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