Alternative Ideas by Clinton Siegle

Photo by Meagan Carsience on Unsplash

They set program Alternative ending up in the 1930s. I built the idea off the concept of alternative realities and practical mathematics that alternative realities are just around the corner. Or 90s degrees of the reality you are in.

The reason? Alternative realities often suffer from the thoughts, actions of your reality. Meaning? Have you ever got an idea in your head that came out of the blue? Or worse, an evil thought? The ideas come from those who are your future, past, or present selves going through the same reality you did, but having a different or alternative idea on how to deal with it. Meaning? Outside influences you can not see influencing you to do unthinkable or evil deeds.

So? The program watched realities on television of sorts. Meaning? The future is the past for some realities and the present is the future for some realities. Watching at key points in time, the concept was to intervene and remove negative influences from events that occurred and humanity did not pick the non-bullying way.


The program stopped the ending of other realities. Why? So many of the alternative realities died in the past that people do not even realize the program. Meaning? 1952 Douglas MacArthur nuked Korea. And? World War III happened then. 1962, Cuban missile crisis? What if the program had not switched out the mind of a Russian sailor? World War III.  1969 CIA is caught using a small nuclear device against a Northern dam in Vietnam. Russia and China declare war. World War III. December 1978, five days prior to Christmas, Russia invades Afghanistan. Jimmy Carter nukes a small portion of Russia. Russia in retaliation considers this the start of World War III.  2022, 2023 Ukraine war escalation between Russia and United States World War III. They designed the program to take and put people with ideas so absurd that people would have to step back and consider what they were doing. Why? For the program had to reanimate history and people that were long considered dead soon. How? 

The complexity of time switching mind travel is a bit more than this fictional piece has time for. To say it is a massive Dyson sphere capability of rethinking redoing events several times or heaven to some is the only solid fictional piece I can guess to give you.

Do the ideas work? All I can say as a time traveler in whatever reality I was in 2017. They nuked Hawaii in December 2017. And that is the truth of the idea. That certain past can no longer be saved. For thermonuclear war is a past no humanity can come out of.

Clinton Siegle is a blogger, disabled, expat, filmmaker, poet, writer living in La Paz, Bolivia.

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