Alone with the World by Dr. Benyin-Mensah, Obed

In an ocean of many, I withered thirsty.
My family, my hearts, my children,
my colleagues, —with the mantle—
Wielding the noble calling, in gowns, in gloves
Yet of little help through this gauntlet, I crossed.  

Through their eyes,
I could see wishes of love, of prayer, of goodwill. 
Yet their hands froze, in cold ice, 
Restrained beyond their love
—their own lives mattered too. 

As I recount the gone days, 
—with same knowledge and craft—
I lifted many from their pits of doom. 
The many, my mortal zest could not save,
Sat me in a cinema with teary eyes.

I reckoned me
—on deaths path, 
left to the fate of a part of me
—my eyes cannot see.
From a distance, my end beaming unstoppable. 

No air seemed enough
This tunnel had no lights
Lonely on a battle space with these
Unrelenting Virions. 
With a hope, that my life, be spared.

Alone with the world
In this pandemic. 
To live again.


Dr. Benyin-Mensah Obed, is a Ghana based writer, medical doctor who graduated from the School of Medical Sciences, KNUST in 2017. He draws inspiration from the realities of life to write pieces across different genres, though he expresses profound interest in poetry. He is currently enrolled in the Ghana Writers Marathon as a poet and was recently featured in the African Haiku Networks’ 11th edition of Mamba Journal. His works can be found at

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