Ajanta Paul: 2 poems

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Poems whispered in his mind
Like poltergeists
In the dead of night,

Playful shapes which peeped at him
From the crevices between thoughts random,
And ran off when he pursued them,

Chuckling in glee.
As if he could not see
Or hear their teasing colloquy.

He lay awake, hoping to trap
At least one in his net of thought.
Troubled spirits which did him haunt.

Was he hearing voices?
Slowly, but surely turning mad?
Or were the noises

Simply the concatenations
Of creativity, challenging him
To make sense of the din?

Restless imps, they did not
Give him peace, lest he gave up the chase
Dooming them to whispering apocrypha.

Nest of Nostalgia

With a half-finished poem
you have, at least, a few lines
to fall back on,

that churning in the blood,
remnants of a reverie
cut off in flood,

a place to go back to
when most roots have withered,
a home in welcoming words,

a partially explored road,
mysterious in its promise
of an eventual destination.

You can take up
from where you left off,
or even begin anew

at a tangent,
like a newly-sprouted stem
in search of its own sun.

You have at least, a few lines
to fall back on, to call your own
so that you may negotiate

from your nest in nostalgia
a route beyond routine
to new myths and maps.

Does this journey signify
the return to a beginning,
or the beginning of a return

in the gap between motion
and stasis, the distance
between desert and oasis?

Dr. Ajanta Paul is an academic based in Kolkata who writes poetry, short stories and literary criticism. Ajanta’s work has been published in literary journals including Spadina Literary Review, The Pangolin Review, Shot Glass Journal, Poetic Sun, Verse-Virtual. Lothlorien Poetry Journal, The Pine Cone Review, The Bombay Review and The Statesman. A Pushcart nominee, Ajanta has published several books including a collection of short stories: The Elixir Maker and Other Stories (Authorspress, New Delhi, 2019).

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