Aimee Selah: Cinnamon and Saffron

Photo by Andrew Bui on Unsplash
[She] who kisses joy as it flies…
     -William Blake

brown songbird cupped
in tender
protective hands. A sweet sacred
Hands unfold. Warbler 
waves one wing
in the sun-drenched 
beams. Dawn's 
first embers paint
saffron and cinnamon
on outstretched wing
shimmering and shivering,
preening and singing.
She lifts into flight—
freedom flight on wings 
of a newborn day.

Empty hands open wide.
Fat silvery raindrops
from the stormy night 
pool in hollow palms. 
Hallowed perfume 
breathes a rain-drenched
A sky 
streaked in umber and gold
shimmering butterfly wings.
A whisper kisses upturned
palms, drinks dewy beads 
sated with salty sweet,
flutters on cinnamon
and saffron wings.
Dances in the glowing haze
of a newborn day.
Sleepy-eyed dawn smiles 
over the soft 
brown soil.

Aimee Selah, Author of Dancing Soul, pens poetry to explore vulnerability, tenacity, and grace in this crazy, kaleidoscope-beautiful world. She collects the shards of imperfect experiences, studying the light that glimmers off broken edges and pieces them back together into a lustrous mosaic. Aimee Selah’s work also appears in Parousia Magazine, @aimeeselah_poetrygarden, and


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