3 flash fictions by Kailash Pattanaik

The Good Host

Seeing the food placed in the pitcher the fox said, Friend I am really sorry for my past behaviour. Please forgive me.

Replacing the pitcher with the plate the heron conveyed she has forgiven him.

While taking his leave the fox said in derision, Do remember my friend, the credulous can never avenge.

Water Dispute

Seeing the goat quenching thirst, the tiger in the uphill said, Hey can’t you see am drinking water? Why are you polluting the water?

The goat roared, Mind your words! Dare you not claim that even if it is not me, my father or his father might have polluted the water at some point of time.  Fool, you cannot trap me by saying those anymore! I disown my forefathers. I am my own identity.


Whose pictures are displayed in the museum?

The kings’.

Why kings’? 

Because, they are kings.


Kailash Pattanaik is a Professor of Odia Language & Literature at Visva-Bharati , Santiniketan (India). He is one of the most prominent contemporary fiction writers of Odia who has left an indelible mark in Indian fictionscape. He is a reclusive polyglot who speaks 6 Indian languages and loves engaging in social commentary through his writings. His works include – 9 short story collections, 12 edited volumes, 4 books on literary criticism, 2 translation titles & 1 novel. His latest collection, Aesopra Indrajala (2021), is an Amazon bestseller. He can be reached at kailashpattanaik@gmail.com

Translated from the Odia by Dr. Khusi Pattanayak. She is the flash fiction editor of The Pine Cone Review. She is a PhD in English literature. She is a published author and a corporate communication specialist. She translates regularly from Odia, Hindi, English & Bengali languages. A Potter-girl she is a cinephile and regularly publishes articles on society , culture and cinema. She can be reached at pkhusi@rediffmail.com

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